Mold Testing & Inspections

Mold Evaluations & Protocols

Mold and mildew are present in many forms indoors and outdoors. But when mold levels exceed safe levels indoors, it can damage your building and trigger allergy and respiratory symptoms in some employees. Don’t wait until mold trigger allergies. Regular mold inspections by Sussex Environmental Consultants (SEC) can improve the health of your building and the health your employees.

Why You Need Mold Testing

High levels of indoor mold can develop from many sources. Leaky roofs, dripping or cracked pipes, sewage issues, malfunctioning HVAC systems, fire system issues, hidden leaks, or even flood damage can escalate mold levels. In addition to triggering serious health issues, including allergies, infections, irritant reactions, and even toxic reactions, water damage and the resulting mold can seriously compromise the integrity of your building. If you have a building, business, home, or property in Lewes, Sussex County, Southern Delaware, or anywhere in the mid-Atlantic, our professional mold and air quality testing from Sussex Environmental Consultants can help you isolate the issue and begin mold remediation.

What Happens in a Mold Inspection?

Industrial Hygiene professionals from Sussex Environmental Consultants will work with building owners, facility managers, and contractors to accurately identify mold or moisture damage. Based on our findings, the SEC team will develop remediation protocol that includes recommendations for processes and actions to control or even eliminate microbial or other moisture related contamination or damage. Sussex Environmental Consultants will also monitor your remediation contractor’s activities to ensure complete compliance with all recommendations, industry standards and protocols.

Choose SEC for Mold and Air Quality Testing

Unfortunately, many home and building inspectors in Southern Delaware are unqualified to do competent mold evaluations. Professional mold and air quality testing and assessments require an experienced company with a deep understanding of fungi, aerobiology and sampling strategies, Sussex Environmental Consultants has a broad understanding of indoor air quality problems and has conducted thousands of successful microbial investigations at industrial, commercial, homes, office buildings, and facilities. As a leading expert in mold and air quality testing in Sussex County, Southern Delaware and the mid-Atlantic region, SEC is especially experienced in mold inspections for disasters and fires resulting in water damage. Based on evaluation results, we develop remediation protocol and recommendations to help reduce, eliminate, or control microbial mold or other contamination. We can also monitor your remediation contractor’s activities to ensure full compliance with protocols.

Contact SEC for Mold and Air Quality Testing

The cause of mold in buildings and air quality environments are complex, but proper assessments of air quality and environmental contaminants can accurately isolate building-related health issues. If you’re ready to initiate testing, an indoor air quality investigation, or any type of indoor air quality testing, call the air quality and environmental experts at Sussex Environmental Consultants. We help businesses in Lewes, Sussex County, Southern Delaware, and throughout the mid-Atlantic, and we’re ready to help you.

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