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Remediation Plan Development & Oversight

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To develop a remediation plan, we assess the size of the mold or moisture problem and the type of damaged materials before planning the remediation work.

The decision to relocate occupants should consider the size and type of the area affected by mold growth, the type and extent of health effects reported by the occupants, the potential health risks that could be associated with debris, and the amount of disruption likely to be caused by remediation activities.

Remediation Activities Include:

  • Repair the water or humidity problem.
  • Complete and carry out repair plan.
  • Revise and carry out maintenance plan if necessary.
  • Revise remediation plan as necessary, if more damage is discovered during remediation.
  • Communicate with building occupants, as appropriate to the situation addressing all concerns.
  • Ensure complete clean up of mold and dry water-damaged areas. Select appropriate cleaning and drying methods for damaged/ contaminated materials.
  • Contain and remove moldy building materials.
  • Identification of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

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