Indoor Air Quality Testing & Inspections

Indoor Environmental Assessments & Monitoring

If your employees, tenants, or residents have reported unpleasant odors, headaches, or extreme temperature variations, it might be time to conduct a professional indoor air quality investigation. Sussex Environmental Consultants is an industry leader in building related illnesses. Our teams of professionals work in Lewes, Sussex County, Southern Delaware and throughout the mid-Atlantic to conduct the kind of indoor air quality testing that can reliably assess the environmental health of your building or worksite.

Identifying the Source of Sick Building Syndrome or Building Related Illness

Sussex Environmental Consultants knows that the signs of building related illness or sick building syndrome are usually vague and inconsistent. Identifying the source of the problem can be difficult. However, conducting a thorough and professional indoor air quality assessment can determine the kind of preventable environmental issues that affect productivity, increase sick leave, and inflate medical costs.

An indoor air quality investigation from Sussex Environmental Consultants begins with a careful study of complaints and all physical aspects of the work environment. These initial studies help our staff identify the most likely causes of the reported symptoms. As we perform appropriate testing, SEC will keep you informed of the results at each phase. SEC’s Industrial Hygienist are able to identify problems linked to inadequate makeup air, structural issues, mold and mildew, chemical contaminants and pollutants, and bioaerosols.

Is it Time for You to Start an Indoor Air Quality Investigation?

Some companies initiate indoor air quality testing because of employee complaints. Other businesses consider testing because of unusual levels of illness, headaches, or allergies. Whatever triggers your need for professional indoor air quality testing, SEC can help you investigate a variety of potential causes, including;

  • Mold or moisture in the structure, hidden walls, or ductwork
  • Improperly designed or poorly balanced ventilation systems
  • Issues with building pressurization
  • Ultra-fine pollution particles from office equipment
  • Improper positioning of air intakes
  • Pollution resulting from chemical emissions from furniture or building materials
  • Pollution, dust, mold, and chemical emissions resulting from construction or renovation

Don’t Postpone Indoor Environmental Testing

To address these types of potential risks, Sussex Environmental Consultants will perform survey methods and sampling techniques custom-designed your needs. Our staff of Indoor Environmental and Industrial Hygiene professionals will interview employees, perform site assessments, inspect HVAC systems, study building configurations, carefully analyze air particles and pollutants, and deliver a timely, site-specific recommendation that accurately assesses the issues and challenges that contribute to building related illness and sick building syndrome.

Remember that indoor environments are complex, and proper assessments of air quality and environmental contaminants can accurately isolate building-related health issues. If you’re ready to initiate building related testing, an indoor air quality investigation, or any type of indoor environmental testing, call the air quality and environmental experts at Sussex Environmental Consultants. We help businesses in Lewes, Sussex County, Southern Delaware, and throughout the mid-Atlantic, and we’re ready to help you.

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