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Water Damage Inspections

Water Damage & Mold Investigations

Water damage can be an issue for homes, offices, hospitals, schools, and facilities throughout the mid-Atlantic. Coastal storms and hurricanes can cause flood damage. High winds can wreak havoc on roofing. The water damage caused by extinguishing fires can wreak havoc, and even winter wind storms can crack or damage structures in ways that result in water damage.

If your property has suffered damage, a professional water damage assessment is a necessary step to help insurance companies and contractors accurately measure damage and identify the most effective repair strategies. A professional indoor environmental evaluation from Sussex Environmental Consultants will help property owners in Lewes, Sussex County, Southern Delaware, and throughout the mid-Atlantic understand the extent of the damage so they can begin to repair or rebuild. Whether you’ve experienced minor water damage or major structural damage, our professional water damage inspectors will diagnose your property damage quickly and accurately.

How We Conduct Water Damage Assessments

Sussex Environmental Consultants begins water damage inspections by inspecting the exterior of your home, business, or facility. Our experienced professionals will check for structural damage that may allow water to enter the structure, including roof damage, cracks or compromises to exterior walls and windows, , gutters, drains, and the condition of the foundation.

Next, Sussex Environmental Consultants professionals will conduct a complete water damage investigation in the building’s interior. Throughout your home, office, or facility, our inspectors will check for wet or cracked ceilings, walls, insulation, or ductwork. Water damage assessments also evaluate damage in warped or stained wood, damaged windows or doors, cabinets, carpet, bathroom fixtures, and tile.

State-of-the-art Water Damage Inspections

Water damage is a recurring challenge for buildings in Lewes, Sussex County, Southern Delaware, and throughout the mid-Atlantic. That’s why the professionals at Sussex Environmental Consultants are experienced at deploying state-of-the-art technology such as infrared imaging camera, boroscopes, and moisture meters. Using the most advanced technology available, we are able to quickly and efficiently identify the extent of water damage and biological contamination in properties to help bring them back to original appearance.

Contact Sec For Water Damage Assessments

Accurate and professional assessments of water damage not only identify existing damage, but they can also help insurance companies and contractors address issues that may cause water damage. That’s why a thorough and accurate diagnosis is critical. When it’s time to assess water damage to your property, call the experts at Sussex Environmental Consultants. We have helped countless businesses in Lewes, Sussex County, Southern Delaware, and throughout the mid-Atlantic, and we’re ready to help you.

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